About Us


About Squigglybugs LLC

Squigglybugs LLC is a mom and daughter owned business.  We’re here to make the decision to cloth diaper and babywear a little bit less overwhelming, and to make the experience a whole lot more fun!  We love fluffy bums and everything that goes along with cloth diapering, and we love babywearing snuggles and we wanted to share our passion for both with a larger audience.

About Us

Marla (mom) comes from a banking background, and is in charge of most of the behind the scenes work.  Finances, webpage design (she is learning as she goes), finding impossible to find items, and details are her forte.  Email her with any questions or comments!

Amanda (daughter) is a SAHWM to two beautiful boys, one of whom is cloth diapered and loves it as much as a  now 2 year old can love anything.  The 9 year old just thinks she’s obsessed with cloth.  Buying inventory, and deciding what we carry is up to her, so if you have any suggestions, she’s the one to contact!

After selling successfully on Ebay for about a million years (or 14, either way, it was a long time), we decided to branch out and make our own store.  Hello squigglybugsllc.com!

Um…what exactly is a Squigglybug?

The littles’ nicknames are Squiggly D (from his papa) and Colty Bug, so Squigglybugs is a hybrid of that.  We think it’s pretty darn cute!  And our logo bugs, they were designed by Squiggly D, aka 7 year old Dalton who is now 9!

Questions? Comments?  Want to tell us about the super cute diaper, awesome baby carrier or wonderful product you just found that we need to carry in our store?  Email us and we will do our best to get it!!

Want to make an appointment to come shop with us  - send us an email or give us a call!  We love to meet our customers in person!


The original drawing by Dalton (the oldest Squigglybug)!