Natural Family Care

Posted by Kailyn on 5/21/2017
Natural Family Care
"Natural Family Care" is a phrase we use a lot here at Squigglybugs.  We use it to describe not only the types of products we sell but also the decisions we make as a business and as a family.  
Before our first child, Tilly, was born we started researching how to care for her.  We were looking for products and practices that met our ideals as homesteaders.  Basically, we are always striving to be as natural, close to the earth, sustainable, and self-sufficient as possible.  All of our research led us to a number of different things including cloth diapers and baby wearing.  
Another type of natural care that we learned about while researching was essential oils.  Now, I know that essential oils seem to be all over the place lately but let me share a little bit about what we learned.  

Youg Living Essential Oils have made a huge difference in the overall wellness of our family.  I feel very comfortable using them in our home and the results we have seen have been awesome. I'm sharing all of this because I want to encourage you to check them out for yourself. In fact, I've got a bit of a special deal for you. 

A premium essential oil starter kit from Young Living (which is what we started with) is 11 oils, a diffuser, samples, and tons of information. May, you can get a 12th oil (tangerine) for free just for ordering your kit.  This is a crazy awesome deal.  over $300 worth of super useful, handy oils and all the supplies needed to use them for only $160.  

Curious? I'd love to chat with you more about how and why we use Young Living essential oils.  Email me at or head on over to our Facebook page and message me there.  Don't delay though, that free bottle of tangerine oil is only being given out through May 31st.  

Ready to order? Click on the "Essential Oil" category and it will take you right to the order form.  Once you are signed up for your kit, I'll send you an email and a little something in the mail as a welcome present.  

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