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Posted by Kailyn on 2/4/2017

We are so excited to have teamed up Young Living to offer these awesome essential oil premium starter kits.  They have everything you need to get started on your journey towards natural health and wellness.

So…Why essential oils? 

They are all natural, smell amazing, and can boost your health and wellness in so many awesome ways!  For example:  We diffuse lavender oil in the evenings before bed time, it helps us all wind down and makes the transition to bed time much easier for our children.

So…Why the starter kit?

Because it has everything you need to use your oils right away.  Plus, the 11 oils it comes with are easy to use.  It will also save you a lot of money, and who doesn’t like that?


Your kit from Young Living will include:

11 5ml bottles of Essential Oils (a sampling of easy to use oils and oil blends)

1 Dew Drop diffuser

Product guide

Essential Oil magazine

Resources for using and sharing your oils

Plus, additional product samples

That is over $300 worth of products!

For purchasing your kit Squigglybugs will send you:

Rewards points for your purchase credited to your Squigglybugs account

A small zipper top wetbag for taking your oils on the go

Resource cards to help you get started using your oils

To learn more about the products in these kits and purchase them click the link below *note: You purchase these kits through Young Living

Premium Starter Kit

When purchasing your kit, we recommend choosing the Wholesale option. This will save you 24% off future Young Living purchases.

Make sure the enroller and sponsor number is: 11005197



Date: 2/18/2017
Would purchasing one of these through you make me some sort of seller? Kind of like buying an enrollment kit through Thirty One or something and you have to sell their products? I just want the starter pack at a discount, not get into any sort of work opportunity. Especially since I am brand spanking new to oils, as in I want to try them!

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