Cloth Diapering at Day Care

Posted by Kailyn on 12/20/2016 to Cloth Diapering
How do I bring up cloth diapering with my day care? Is a question that I get asked a lot. Truth of the matter is that each day care is different and the laws regarding diapering at day care vary by state. If it is something that is very important to you than it is worth bringing up before you enroll your baby, just to be sure they are able to use your diapers. Below is a letter that I have written for day care staff, it helps explain the whys and hows of using cloth in a friendly way. Feel free to copy it and use it as you like. I hope that it helps! 

Dear Day Care Staff, 

We have chosen to use cloth diapers on our child. Cloth diapers are less expensive than disposable diapers and greatly reduce our impact on the environment, besides they are free of harsh chemicals that can be harmful to sensitive baby skin. We've found that modern cloth diapers are very easy to use and hope that you'll be willing to give them a try at day care. 

We'll bring in clean diapers every morning for you and will make sure to set them up so that are ready to use. Most diapers snap or velcro on and if it helps, we can even mark which set of snaps to use for the best fit. Please change our baby every 2 hours and place the dirty diapers into the wet bag (waterproof bag) that we provide for you, we'll take care of all the clean up at home. 

Though diaper rashes are much less common when using cloth, we'll provide a cloth diaper safe cream in case you need it. Please only apply the cream if our baby has a rash and let us know if you do so we can make sure to clean those diapers appropriately. We'd be happy to answer any questions you might have and even give a little demonstration as to how our diapers work. 

Thank you so much for caring for our baby, we appreciate all your hard work and patience. 


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